All Crystal Delights pleasure products are handmade in the United States out of properly hardened Borosilicate Glass (often referred to as Pyrex®). Carefully crafted for both intimate and aesthetic enjoyment, no two erotic art objects are ever exactly the same.

Made of smooth, body-friendly glass, every Crystal Delights product is crafted by highly skilled artisans, using techniques they have cultivated through years of experience and training. Our creative team designs each original Crystal Delights erotic art sculpture and our glass artists bring the design to life.

Then each glass pleasure product is bejeweled with a genuine crystal Swarovski element attached to its base – offering a visually stunning experience for the wearer or the viewer.

Each Crystal Delights erotic art piece is individually inspected and then wrapped in its own custom “Made in America” protective bag for safekeeping, but you may just want to leave it out in order to admire its beauty!

Using only the best materials, creating the highest quality, luxury pleasure products possible, every Crystal Delights creation is an adult art sculpture with a special purpose in mind – which is why we say “Art is Pleasure!”

We will launch our Glass goodies soon … drop us an email  or use our contact form and we will let you know when our Glass with Class range is available.